Herve Neukomm


I was born on June 29, 1978 in Vevey. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamt of trips and adventures. Nevertheless, life first had something else in store for me. I became an employee at the Crédit Suisse bank. After a one-year trip that took me from India to Australia, I went back to banking. I soon realised that it was not the style of life I desired, and I resigned. I spent the following four years working for the travel agency Globetrotter, where I got to love my work, my colleagues, and above all, the three-month holidays I got per year. In 2004, I decided to leave Switzerland behind and headed for Tibet on my bike. Without knowing it, this trip would change my life forever. It took me almost seven years and I financed my trip through different jobs I found along the way, such as a two-year safari guide job in Namibia. Since 2011 I have lived in Leticia, in the Colombian Amazon, where I work as a guide. I currently run my own travel agency, and together with my life partner Adriana, we run a nature reserve where we hold workshops addressing survival, traditional constructions, and indigenous cultures.





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